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About Family Medical Point – Abaita

Family Medical Point – Abaita is a not for profit organization working to enhance access to healthcare and empower women and girls among marginalized communities in peri-urban and hard to reach areas in Uganda.

Increased Access and Provision of Health Services

A client waiting for the field team to take his blood sample for testing during the World AIDS Day outreach at Kasenyi landing side.

FMP is amplifying access to health services among young people and women through providing a mix of low-cost and free critical health... Read More

School Health Programme

The Family Medical Point outreach team engaging pupils of Trust Junior Primary School in Katabi Town Council, Entebbe – Wakiso District.

FMP works with schools – primary, secondary and tertiary institutions to conduct health education, social behaviour change campaigns and promotion of sanitation and hygiene. In this, we focus at the following... Read More

Women and Girl Empowerment

A group women with men among them attending a women empowerment session at Kasenyi landing site.

FMP is work with communities to develop an empowered mass of women, sensitized, trained and aware of their rights to lead a full life. We integrate women and girl empowerment into our health work to ensure the effects of… Read More

Humanitarian Response

Family Medical Point volunteers take views from residents of Kasenyi to help with the planning for a health caravan at the landing site.

The sustainability of health outcomes are always disrupted by humanitarian crisis. Eastern Uganda is prone to landslides which complicate access to health services, undo the progress communities had made in their...Read More

Our Services

Family Medical Point champions health education and promoting safe motherhood is among our top priorities as we stride towards eliminating preventable maternal and new-born mortality in Uganda.

FMP delivers this through our unique youth led out-reach model that involves engaging men, women and young people on issues concerning their sexual and reproductive health, family planning and safe motherhood.

Our team is up to the game, ensuring economically disadvantaged women receive correct health education, counselling, high quality delivery and postpartum care so as to achieve optimal health for the mother and the infant during pregnancy, delivery and raising.

In Uganda, an episode of malaria costs a household on average 9 US Dollars – about UGX 34,200 or at least 3% of their annual income, according to the country’s Malaria Control Program.

Malaria also comprises the largest number of cases walking in for general medicine. Our team is passionate, committed and competently attends to these cases.

Healthy living means knowing your health status on time and regularly taking tests. The right diagnosis also helps one to seek the right treatment.

At FMP we emphasizes embarking on treatment after establishing the diagnosis and counsel our clients to seek first to know their status and take a test before embarking on any treatment.

We are also cautious about reaching correct results in all laboratory tests we undertake.

Oral health education helps to develop desirable health attitude and habits. It passes on reliable dental health information to people and helps to maintain oral hygiene.

A visit at our facility in Abaita Ababiri will be worth it or call +256 (0) 751 975 533 and you will be attended to.

The most common reason to take a pregnancy test is a missed period but not all missed periods are indicators of a pregnancy and you can only be sure of this after visiting a family planning expert.

Be aware too of unintended pregnancies and unsafe abortions. Stay confident keep in touch with our family planning specialist.

Vaccine-preventable diseases still kill more than half of children less than 5 years of age in Africa every year, representing 55% of global deaths caused by vaccine-preventable diseases like measles and polio.

Ensure your child completes the recommended immunization doses, a service provided at our facility in Abaita Ababiri. Friday is vaccination and antenatal care day at FMP

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