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Girls Empowering Girls Project

Menstrual Health Hygiene is both a human rights and a health issue, where women and girls are entitled to live a life of dignity.  In Uganda, insufficient Menstrual Hygiene Management in schools contributes to 30% of girls dropping out of school and many more miss 8 school days each term during menstruation days.  

In a study conducted by SNV in 140 schools located in seven districts of Uganda, 70% of the adolescent girls acknowledged that menstruation affected their optimal education performance, while 77% of girls indicated missing averagely 2-3 school days per month. Majority of these girls were in upper primary; (more so in Primary 7); a critical class for completion of the primary education cycle in Uganda’s education system. This translates into a loss of averagely 8 days of study per term and 24 school days per year. If a girl in that category misses school, there is a likelihood of losing interest in their education.

Family Medical Point through its girls Empowering Girls Menstrual Hygiene Project will close this gap amongst girls from poor families in fishing communities by enhancing menstrual hygiene management; providing knowledge on sanitary products, offering adequate SRH education on puberty and training girls on the use of menstrual cups that will increase school attendance thus improving their educational outcomes.

The project will enhance the capacity and knowledge of adolescent girls and boys on menstrual hygiene management equip adolescents with knowledge on the use of menstrual cups as well as train senior women teachers, Parents Teachers Association and school management committee members on menstrual hygiene management.

This project will enable adolescents from the poorest communities in Uganda to access basic requirements for their menstrual hygiene needs.

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