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About FMP

We are not for profit organization working to promote access to healthcare services among marginalized and hard to reach communities and empowering girls and women. 

Established in 2017 to respond to direct needs of peri-urban, rural and lakeshore based fishing communities, FMP delivers healthcare services, community health education and promotion, advocacy and influencing policy reform and community sensitization and mobilization. 

Our Journey

FMP runs Medical Centers, Mobile Clinics (Health Caravan), and community outreaches in slum areas and in hard to reach rural locations and among fishing communities in the shores of Lake Victoria. We deliver comprehensive rights based sexual and reproductive health services to young people in schools and out of school. 

Our Approach

The institution is being promoted by public health specialists, communication expert and media personalities and other professionals interested in ensuring that key populations, the forgotten communities in peri-urban and rural settings have access to low-cost lifesaving treatments and can take charge of their lives to improve their wellbeing and that of their community and contribute to national development. Through increasing access to health services, our approach is to use curative health points as a centre for the promotion of preventive health through thorough health education at health points and wider community engagements through outreaches.


A Uganda where everyone enjoys the highest attainable health.


Promote and provide equitable access to healthcare services to underserved communities.

Core Values