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The Voucherplus Project

The voucher plus project is an ongoing community-based partnership between Mariestopes-Uganda and Family Medical Point, aimed at scaling up coverage of high quality, Sexual reproductive health and services in order to reach the underserved communities in a cost effective, consumer accessible and sustainable manner.

The project targets vulnerable women in hard-to-reach communities who buy vouchers from Community Health Workers (CHW) at UGX 2,000 (less than a dollar) for any family planning service or commodity of choice, including family planning side effect management. Voucherplus seeks to enable very poor women and girls in hard-to-reach communities to access any contraception method of their choice at a very cheap cost.

 The project is run in a way that FMP trains and places community health workers in the different hard-to-reach communities to identify and educate young women and girls in need of family planning, demonstrate to them about the different contraception methods, their usage, possible side effects and where to get the service using this voucher.

Targeted communities are also mobilized using local casts/microphones with speakers tied above vehicles, which sound reaches people in far places.

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