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YEAH PROJECT: Using social media and influencers to empower young people 

The Young, Empowered and Healthy (YEAH) project  is equipping young people at universities and secondary schools with correct information on modern contraceptives, debunking myths around family planning. The campaign aims to contribute towards the reduction of  the ever-rising teenage pregnancies, which are affecting the educational outcomes of many girls in secondary schools and universities in Uganda.

The project will run a three months campaign  on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter to reach 10,500 young girls and boys aged 13 – 25 years with scientifically accurate sexual and reproductive health messages, promoting uptake of modern family planning methods and debunking popular myths and misconceptions about family planning.

The YEAH project implementers will work with key influencers and rally key stakeholders to use their social media to promote the use of modern contraceptives among young people. Nurses and midwives within the target institutions of learning will as well be trained to effectively offer youth friendly SRHR services and use of social media to promote planning services.

Uganda’s maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) remains high, estimated to be 336 deaths per 100,000 live births of which 17.2 percent of the deaths were among those aged 15-19. Almost a quarter (25%) of Ugandan women have given birth by the age of 18 resulting in nearly 35% of girls dropping out of school due to early marriage and 23% drop out due to teenage pregnancy. This has ruined the futures of several young girls in Uganda keeping many uneducated and poor with no hope to break out of the poverty circle.  

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