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FMP has collaborations with Katabi Sub County leadership, groups of commercial sex workers NGOs and Local Government.

In our activities, FMP collaborates closely with the female commercial sex workers’ leaders who in turn actively work with FMP technical experts in engaging key stakeholder.  The sex workers are empowered to facilitate community awareness about marginalisation and Gender Violence prevention. Key sex workers’ peer leaders are also resourced to act as peer educators and peer-to-peer social mobilizers against marginalisation.

We have further planned to engage key decision makers (political leaders, security leaders and community influencers) at local level (Parish, Sub County and District level) to take action in guaranteeing safety and dignity of commercial sex workers at lakeshores and landing sites in fishing communities and slums within Katabi Sub County.

This has been presented as an urgent need and rationalized in the context of COVID-19, indicating that neglecting any group and or dehumanizing them is a catastrophe that will fail all efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19.

FMP employs the human right approach, used to justify the urgency as it is not acceptable within the law to treat any person as a second class citizen.

FMP Cancer Screening on World AIDS Day, 2019 at Kasenyi Landing Site in Wakiso District
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