We are working with communities to nurture an empowered mass of women, sensitized, trained and aware of their rights. Many women and girls are unable to realize their full potential and to lead a fulfilling life due to the burden placed on them by society. We integrate women and girl empowerment into our advocacy and service delivery work to ensure the effects of gender based violence, negative cultural practices do not limit any woman’s access to family planning and other reproductive health services. 

Under this stream of work, below are our key focus areas of intervention: 

  1. Fighting Gender Based Violence associated with Family Planning
  2. Health entrepreneurship/village saving groups for health
  3. Teenage mother’s support centre to break teen-motherhood cycle
  4. Empowerment training with counselling
  5. Environmental Health
Our Women Empowerment Team at Kasenyi Landing site
A group women with men among them attending a women empowerment session at Kasenyi landing site.