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The sustainability of health outcomes is always disrupted by humanitarian crisis. Eastern Uganda is prone to landslides which complicate access to health services, undo the progress communities had made in their efforts to build sustainable livelihoods and cause outbreaks of diseases. West Nile region in Uganda hosts large numbers of refugees and the limited resources cause conflicts between host communities and refugees as they compete for limited health services. FMP will focus on intervening to provide humanitarian support to ensure access to health services is possible during crisis and or disasters.

  • Health Caravan – FMP will develop a mobile health clinic which will deliver quality services across implementation areas to respond to humanitarian situations and promote goal area 01 in hard to reach areas. The Caravan programme will be linked to partner medical points and public health centers to ensure sustainability and follow up. Skill transfer to area based facilities for sustainability and follow-up.
  • Refugee youth sensitization programmes
  • Refugee settlements WASH programme