FMP set on the path to end GBV among fishing communities

FMP set on the path to end GBV among fishing communities

Family Medical Point has embarked on an ambitious intervention to address gender-based violence associated with family planning among fishing communities at Kasenyi landing site.

Situated along the shores of Lake Victoria in Wakiso District, Kasenyi is also home to an estimated 2,000 people most of whom are single earning a living as commercial sex workers.

Gender-based violence has in recent years gained public attention but exploitative and choice-denying violence associated with the uptake of family planning, and directed towards women of reproductive age, remains a silent evil in most parts of Uganda.

“Often meted by male partners who view family planning as evil, the prevalence rates of gender-based violence in Uganda are among the highest in the world,” the Team Leader, Mr. Moses Odongo said.

Amongst women of reproductive age surveyed in 2016, over half had experienced physical violence and one-quarter had experienced sexual violence in their lifetimes.

Sexual coercion is common in Uganda, with one-quarter of the women surveyed reporting that their partner had physically forced them into sex. 

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