Battered to unconsciousness for taking up a family planning method

Battered to unconsciousness for taking up a family planning method

Joelia, 19 year old, works at Kasenyi landing site at Lake Victoria, near Abaita Ababiri, in Katabi town council, roasting and selling fish. Her first born is 3 years old and the second is one and a half years old. She was defiled and married off as a teenage mother. Her husband has paid little attention to Joelia and her children’s wellbeing.

Joelia was worried, possibility of conceiving another child which would affect her ability to run her small scale business of roasting fish at the roadside.

When she heard of free access to family planning services offered by Family Medical Point during one of our community engagement sessions, Joelia immediately made up her mind to uptake family planning. She received an implant and Joelia knew her worries had come to an end.

She shared the story with her spouse, James who reacted violently, got a razorblade and forcefully cut out the implant and beat up Joelia terribly that she spent two weeks on a hospital bed. Her husband perceives family planning as evil.

There are many Joelias in the slums and fishing communities across the areas we work and who are unable to make the important choice of when to get a family planning method and take control of the decision making when to become a mother.

This violence has since hindered the delivery of family planning among these communities and our focus to create a change and transform public perceptions among these communities on family planning.

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