Amplifying voices of marginalized on SRH rights

Amplifying voices of marginalized on SRH rights

Last year Family Medical Point had an outreach to mark World AIDS Day at Kasenyi landing site, one of the busiest and most populated fishing communities along Lake Victoria in Wakiso District.

The fishing community around Kasenyi has an estimated 12,000 people, both night and day population, a majority of whom are young seeking employment opportunities.

Activities of commercial sex are on the rise in the area, have also lured a number of young girls to the area and there is need to increase consciousness around the risk factors associated with commercial sex work activities.

In a bid to amplify the challenges, Family Medical Point has also been working the media to bring out the silent voices particularly those of the marginalized and underserved segments of the population.

This link here is also of a clip about the worrying cases of cervical cancer among women especially commercial sex workers in Kasenyi with a call on government to intervene as most commercial sex workers have not realized the need to fight the cancer and the associated problems.

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